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1934Founded by Paul Kehren, dealer for alloyed steel and subcontracor for “Deutsche Bahn” – railway Company
1949Development and manufacturing of rotary table grinding machines
1963  After the death of the founder, the company is taken over by his son Helmut Kehren
1980KEHREN equips the first grinder with CNC-control (Siemens Primo SG).
1989The vertical grinding machine “Ri” with rotary table is developed and delivered one year later.
1993Helmut Kehren dies, the company is taken over by Dr. Neumann and by Richard Krämer, who becomes sole executive director.
Reorganizing and downsizing the vertical range of manufacture allows the workforce to be reduced from 98 to 54 employees.
1996Development of the backlash-free direct drive of a rotary table, for grinding curves and serrations for example.
The first machine is delivered to INDEX in 1997.
2001Presentation of the first Ri grinder with Y-Axis in the side support
2002Ulrich Krämer is appointed technical director, Bruno Mies becomes commercial director
2003Development and presentation of the grinding machine in portal design
2004Presentation of a Y-axis in the grinding head, for serration grinding
2005Enlargement fo the Ri series by the Ri 4 and Ri 5 model
2006Presentation of the Ri 8-4 grindturn model in slant bed design and enhanced ergonomics
2008Development of a new hydrostatic table bearing with fewer components, with improved stiffness, improved true running and better damping properties.
Implementation of hard turning and hard milling into the machining process 
200975th anniversary of the company founding
2011Development of a new drive concept for the x-axis, hydrostatics in combination with a direct drive.
2012Development and manufacturing of KEHREN grinding spindles for all KEHREN products
2013Inauguration of a new assembly shop
2014Development of a new, compact grinding centre in portal design for machining 5 faces of a work piece in one clamping
2019Kehren becomes a Member of the Precision Surfacing Solutions Group